Catering Services

For your next big party or get together, let Jim and Charlie's Affiliated Foods do the cooking for you! We offer affordable catering services with a variety of great menu options to choose from. From deli platters, sandwich platters, veggie trays and more; we have something your guests will truly enjoy.

This is our basic catering package, based on 1 ½ sandwiches per person:

1.) Choice of 2 hot meals: (Roasters or crock pot provided)

A. Seasoned or BBQ beef
B. Seasoned or BBQ pork OR cold shaved meat trays of ham, turkey and roast beef.
*Either meat choices include 8 count buns.

2.) Choice of 2 sides: Stainless bowls & serving utensils provided

Cold Sides: Potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, Italian pasta salad Hot Sides: Jimmy V's baked beans, hot vegetables, California mix, scalloped potatoes
*Other sides also available

3.) Cheese Trays: Colby, colby-jack, and pepper cheese

4.) Veggie Trays: Cauliflower, baby carrots, celery, jumbo green and black olives, bread & butter pickle chips with ranch & dill veggie dips

5.) Potato chips & dip

6.) Plates, forks, napkins, and condiments provided.

7.) Free delivery for those in Monroe County.

24 people and below $12.00 per person
24-49 people $10.00 per person
50-99 people $9.00 per person
100-200 people $8.00 per person
200-300 people $7.50 per person
300+ people $7.00 per person

Other entrees available upon request: Roast beef, smoked boneless loin, boneless or bone-in ham, smoked whole turkey breast, grilled boneless chicken breast, prime rib.

We also offer a variety of desserts, full service buffet services, and beverages including: tea, lemonade, coffee, punch, beer, liquor, & wine.

Please contact us in advance at 641-932-5801 to discuss your catering needs. We would be happy to discuss menu options with you, and provide you with further pricing information.

We'll take the hard work out of your next event or party, so you can enjoy the day with your friends and family. Call us today!